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A crash or constantmesh gearbox requires the operator to use the revs of the engine whilst the gearbox is in neutral and the clutch is out to aid in the changing of gears hence the term double declutching i.e. clutch in – neutral – clutch out – select revs – clutch in – select gear – clutch out.

There is no heavy vehicle licence endorsement if:

 – under CBA, all competencies, except 36 and 4, have been passed in a vehicle with a constant mesh (crash) gearbox.

This style of gearbox is slowly losing popularity and will more than likely be fazed out completely in the future for more driver friendly gearboxes as has happened in Europe. The trend can be seen here in European and Japanese trucks like Volvo, Mack, Scania, Misubishi and Isuzu.

All drivers who held licences at the time of conversion to the National Driver Licence Classes were issued with a driver’s licence without a ‘B’ condition.

Heavy vehicle drivers who later wish to have the ‘B’ condition removed from their licences can do so by undergoing an RMS driving test in a vehicle which is fitted with a crash gearbox.  The test will be a shortened heavy vehicle driving test, but the same number of “demerit points” will apply. This test vehicle can be any vehicle type authorised by a class MR or higher.  For example, a driver with a class HC licence endorsed with a condition ‘B’ can have the condition removed by passing a short test in a vehicle covered by a class MR, HR or HC licence. It will be possible to remove the condition B endorsement under CBA Assessment at a later date if required.