David's Truck Training

Heavy Rigid Vehicle

This allows you to drive ANY rigid vehicle including Vehicles with 3 or more axles and Prime Movers.

PLUS Any towed trailer with a GVM of up to 9 tonnes, and this class also includes Bendi-Buses.

To get a class HR ( Heavy Rigid) licence it is necessary to:

  • have held a minimum of a class C licence or equivalent (not a Learner’s Licence) for at least 2 years;
  • pass an eyesight test;
  • pass a knowledge test;
  • ·pass a class HR driving test or complete a Competency Based Assessment Test

We also offer HR AUTOMATIC

  • This takes some of the pressure off you and allows you to concentrate on the other major factors required to competently operate a heavy vehicle in traffic, especially while you are learning, without restricting you to driving an automatic truck once you have completed all competencies to obtain your licence.
  • If you already have an unrestricted licence, it will stay unrestricted no matter your upgrade.


This is a NSW RMS approved Licence course. Drivers will be trained and assessed against the RMS competency standards by our RMS accredited assessors. After the required standard of competency has been achieved the RMS will issue the appropriate licence.


We specialise in one day courses. These courses suit most people that can competently drive and do so regularly.

However we  can revert to an hourly rate if more, or less time is required to complete all of the  RMS licence requirements.

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